Run it in Five Minutes

With Docker

docker pull uaihebert/uaimockserver
docker run uaihebert/uaimockserver

Running the JarFile

If you want to run a WebService standalone on your PC (IOS, Android, WinPhone, PHP, .NET, JAVA, etc)

First of all, you will need to install a JDK version 1.7 or higher. 

Search for in Goole: “install jdk”.


You can use this link: to download the latest version.

Make sure that when you type “java -version” in your console a friendly message appears.

Download the uaiMockService jar and the uaiMockServer.json file and save both on the same folder. You will find both here: Download uaiMockServer

To run just open your console and type: java -jar uaiMockServer-{VERSION}.Standalone.jar

With your Unit Tests

If you want to run a WebService with your Unitary Tests (JUnit, etc)

Add the code below in your pom dependencies:


Save the config (sample file) file in the resources folder (src/test/resources).

You can run a test like (for Android):

public class YourTestClass {

    private static UaiMockServer uaiMockServer;

    public static void beforeClass() {
        uaiMockServer = UaiMockServer.start();

    public static void afterClass() {

    // your tests

You could also run with annotations (backend):

public class YourTestClass {
    public void yourTest(){
        // test executing the http request