Have you ever needed to invoke a WebService that is not yet created? Is your app (iOS, Android, WinPhone) needing to call a service that you still need to create? How many mock classes do you have in your project to run unit tests instead of using real classes?
With uaiMockServer you’ll be able to create a WebServer in no time. If you want a standalone mock server you can fire one up with a single command line. If you want the WebServer to run with your unit tests just add uaiServerMock to your pom.xml.
uaiMockServer is a project that works as WebServer that will have a configuration file with a Route. A Route is composed of a incoming Request and its respective Response.
 You can manage your routes by a GUI that is easy to use (http://localhost:1234/uaiGui/index):
If you are an app, php, .net, python, (etc) developer all you need to do is to download the jar file and execute the command: 

java -jar uaiMockServer-{VERSION}.Standalone.jar
If you want to use the uaiServerMock in your unit tests you can start the server like:
public class YourTestClass {

    public void yourTest(){
        // test executing the http request
I will be glad to hear your feedback or suggestions.